Thursday, September 16, 2021

Did Sweden Get Covid Wrong?

I've been going on and on with a good friend of mine regarding Covid. We both have gotten the shot and I'm guessing we both will get the booster. It's a no brainer for people our age... greater than 50.

That's pretty much where our agreement ends. I'm looking at deaths and ages and have concluded Covid is a non-issue for kids... Statistically as close to zero chance of death as life can give you. After 30 it really starts making sense to get the shot that is unless you have natural immunity. If you're 40 or older, even in good health, getting the shot makes solid sense.

Then there is the VARES data base which we are being told by the MSM is totally worthless... Don't even bother looking at it. Kinda crazy saying something the federal government spends millions on every year is worthless. Makes you wonder why the government bothers.

Sometimes the story is actually what's not being reported. Remember how the MSM went after the Swedish government because they were killing people by the thousands with their approach and policies? 

A few things have crystallized this for me:

#1 Why are vaccinated people so afraid of the unvaccinated?

#2 Why haven't we heard anything about Sweden for months?

#3 Why is Rand Paul the only politician that keeps pointing out natural immunity is being ignored when it's clearly better than the all of the freaking vaccines?

#4 Why are we firing nurses who have been in the trenches for going on 21 months for not getting vaccinated... Even if they already had Covid... With a history of blood clots?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Covid-19 is Dead To Me

Last week I volunteered at the Great Maine Airshow. From people working the gates to local organizations selling ice cream and beer the show needs a few hundred volunteers.

They need folks who fill the planes smoke tanks, move planes around, move the performers around, deal with flat tires, jump starts, deal with the influx of little planes who fly into a show to avoid the crowded roads, etc...

Loading smoke oil and helping move planes was my gig. Moving a plane that cost a few million takes a lot of people to ensure zero issues. 

The 1st day we worked the flight line and the next day we worked the pit... It was very cool because we get so close to so many unique planes and awesome pilots.

We had one flat tire the first day and three planes that wouldn't start (acrobat planes have really small batteries) the next. I met the Lucas Oil and T-33 pilot and got to know the parents of a world champion freestyle aerobatic pilot. Got their son to take a picture of our crew... Too funny.

My COVID-19 observation at the airshow... Unscientifically my guess is 1 in 500 adults wore a mask.

Clearly people in Maine are sick of being afraid, they are sick of masks and they sick of being told what to do expecially when the script they are being told keeps changing. They've had enough of the panic porn that the media has been feeding them for going on two years. 

I've come to a conclusion... You're not going to like it... Until the death rate from Covid matches the normal U.S. daily death rate of roughly 7,500 I'm not going to bother talking about this anymore. Statistically, it's not killing kids and the odds of Covid taking out someone who is healthy, like the finger of God, is so low it's not even something to bother with.

Talking about kids dying of Covid is the equivalent of global warming alarmists discussing how bad methane is... FYI,  atmospheric methane is measured in parts per billion and if you're talking about this causing hurricanes you are barbecuing the shark you landed and killed while jumping.

Screw the media and screw the Chinese who knew about this Virus in the Fall of 2018. They knew that it spread human to human when they said it didn't. The Chinese government stopped all domestic flights from Wuhan but continuing them internationally. If this isn't a smoking gun what is!

I'm done... I refuse to to discuss this further and will wait to see what history writes about this most despicable chapter in our national history.

PS  Last gasp... My math... Let's go big.
600,000 deaths thus far. I use this number to offset the deaths WITH Covid so hospitals get extra money.

Roughly half of all deaths are over 79 years old with serious comorbidities. Aka foot in the grave. Most people do know we all eventually die right?

So now we are down to 300,000 deaths.

The bulk of these deaths are over 50 with serious medical issues. If you're morbidly obese with diabetes, kidney failure, cancer, etc... and get Covid the odds are you will still likely survive... Seriously, it's crazy how many really sick people survive Covid.

What blows me away is how perfectly healthy people get it and die... Sometimes in days.
The humane genome is crazy and it's likely something that our ancestors survived is helping many today. Maybe it's like how 1/10 of Northern European males are essentially immune from Aids.

Furthermore, it's possible that some young healthy people, who are seemingly randomly struck down are actually not healthy. Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. Heart disease kills more Americans every year than COVID-19 has killed in the last 20 months. Many people have no idea they are ticking time bombs. How's your heart?

Sorry to say this but when your 85 year old mother dies of COVID it's sad but not a tragedy. When a healthy 40 year old, with three kids, dies that sucks but it happens all the time due to accidents, health issues and other causes.

So I'm down to roughly 150,000 people dead in the United States that shouldn't have died AND their deaths are tragic.

My point...

331,000,000 Americans
150,000 tragic deaths


So far we have "tragically" lost 1 out of every 4,500 Americans. 

That said, how many lives have been ruined in the short term or permanently by the government's response to the virus? How many more lives could have been saved if we spent the Covid trillions on other health issues, the homeless, food distribution, Crime, heart disease, etc...? 

How many Americans have list faith in their government, government agencies, their elected officials? What is the long term cost of the loss of that confidence to our nation?

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Martin Luther King was a Republican?

Thelander for Congress

Bath, Maine and it's August 28th. The days are getting shorter, the ragweed is in full bloom and a former Navy SEAL takes aim at seven term Congresswoman Pingree. The Maine Maritime Museum meeting room is packed and if there is any doubt that Ed is a politician, that was removed the moment he started talking.

I always knew Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, but today I learn that Martin Luther King not only gave his "I Have a Dream speech" on August 28th, he too was a Republican? Turns out there are many scholars who believe MLK was a Republican. Who knew?

Ed hit on so many topics that Republicans once embraced: from school choice, to the national debt, to legal immigration, to border security, to invoking the ghost of Reagan's "I'm from the government and I'm here to help". His talking points were not all popular with the crowd, but you knew he was sincere.

Although it didn't get the applause he wanted, Edwin made a solid point about the national debt. When the debt broke $10 trillion it was huge news and a grim milestone. When the debt surpassed $20 trillion, the nation barely noticed and now with the debt surpassing $30 trillion, it's a subject not discussed in polite society and I'm the only one quietly clapping.

Economists once argued the debt away saying it's just a fraction of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Thanks to the pandemic and progressive spending, that fraction now exceeds 100% of our GDP while the government's ability to "print money" without any serious political pushback continues unabated. It's as if the common sense paradigm of not spending more than you make has been brutality beat up and is lying in a ditch bleeding out internally.

Ed, in a good way, is different. For starters, he's humble, which normally isn't something associated with politicians. My hope is the voters of Maine's 1st Congressional District will see the choice they have, side by side, and realize our nation is desperate for leaders, not politicians who take action by forming committees.

Ed is not a shiny political diamond in the rough. He's not even a lump of coal. He's something totally different. His speech was slow and thoughtfully hinting to more going on behind those keen eyes. I've been around politicians for over 20 years. From State Reps, Members of Congress, to the Governor of Virginia. When retired Navy Chief Thelander looks at the crowd there is no doubt this is someone on a mission. He's not running to get out the vote for Governor LePage and drain Democrat resources. He's running to win and the next 437 days are going to be interesting. 

PS A few hours after his announcement, I had the honor of meeting Edwin's father at our flying club BBQ (yes, Ed's a pilot). His dad is amazing and it turns out Mr. Thelander (Sr), his son (Ed) and I all have something in common. We loved playing football and all three of us played offensive guard - a position that requires smarts, toughness and quickness. Ed has all three of those attributes in abundance and he is going to need everything he has to retire Maine's Chellie Pingree, the Minnesota girl turned 30-year career politician... Dontchaknow.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

3,000 Die Each Year from...

The CDC estimates that every year 48 million Americans get sick from food borne illness. Of those who get sick 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die.

To put things into perspective since the start of the pandemic fewer than 3,000 young people under the age of 30 have died of COVID. We do not know how many of those deaths involved seriously comorbidities. 

Apparently the CDC doesn't think parents are interested in knowing how many healthy young people are actually dying from the virus.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Release the Jan 6th Capital Hill Rioters Pending Trial

Is Jacob Chansley the "QAnon Shaman" still in jail? 

As of July 23rd it would seem Jacob is still in jail. Furthermore, you can't find a GoFundMe page or anything about him right now. So clearly our government can arrest someone and put them into solitary confinement for going on eight months for protesting an election they believe to have been rigged? I'm not sure how anyone can say this is equal justice under the law. 

The government has claimed some of these rioters meant to capture and assassination elected officials. Oh my God! However, the DOJ has been forced to walk that back, meaning it was just bull shit, but yet millions of Americans still believe this to be absolutely true and justification for keeping Americans in jail.

Why isn't this a story?

What is the definition of political imprisonment?

I saw a police officer hang back and then strike a man on the head without warning. How is that not assault. The name of the officer who shot and killed Ashley Babbitt was identified by the Capital Deputy Sergeant at Arms during an official online meeting, open to the public. We don't know the officers name anymore? For most people using Google Lt. Michael L. Byrd's name doesn't exist and has been erased from the internet. How is that even possible?

What the hell is going on? How can hundreds of "mostly peaceful" protesters be charged with crimes that will likely result in many of them loosing their jobs and spending even more time in jail for simply walking into the Capital? The people's house? Very few protesters were violent and those absolutely should be punished. But everyone has seen the videos of police calmly talking to those in the Capital must know something isn't right.

The worst thing I heard was story after story of some nut job wiping poop on the Capital walls. That's almost certainly fake news because if it was a real there would be a shit tons of pictures all over the internet... Prove me wrong, go find them!

How many priceless paintings, statues, etc... Were damaged? How many fires were set? How many guns confiscated? How many police officers spent the night in the hospital? Was anyone blinded by green lasers? Did the FBI have agents/people amoung the riotors? Did they participate? It's hard to believe that the FBI didn't have anyone there undercover.

Within hours the Capital was back to business and within days you could hardly find evidence that anything had happened. The Capital wasn't a burning hulk as one would seemingly think if you listen to the MSM's rhetoric.

Release the Capital videos, let those without any prior criminal history out of jail immediately and stop the charade that this was an insurrection or anything close to an insurrection. The worst thing since the freaking civil war!

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

DOD Mandates Masks Outside

Here is an August 3rd, 2021 Naval Station San Diego picture of a lone sailor on the bridge wing and sailors working on the fo'c's'le outside wearing masks.

No idea what the Navy's actual policy is but study after study has made it clear that cloth masks are not only ineffective they may do just the opposite. Toss in being outside and I just shake my head. 

You don't have to go much further to know our military has jumped the shark and gone full woke. Why does the military conduct studies if their not going to use the knowledge learned?

Unless these men and women are hiding N95 or N100 respirators under those black masks, not touching them and regularly changing them out they are being duped into thinking they are safe from Covid-19.

So much has been done wrong during COVID it's beyond belief. From those with natural immunity still being "required" to get vaccinated with an experimental authorized use vaccine to seemingly being required to wear masks outside when the science is so one-sided is just stupid.

I don't fully understand what is going on but if I had to guess our leadership is making decisions that they know are wrong bur result in the lowest possiblity of blow back on them. If sailors wear masks for the next two years the only downside is leadership being mocked. If they don't wear masks and a single death is attributed to their policy they could be court martialed.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Newspapers Given 61,195 Ballots for Analysis

 "A newspaper review of Florida's ''undervote'' ballots concludes that President Bush would almost certainly have still won the state had the United States Supreme Court allowed a hand recount to be completed."

In April of 2001 Florida election officials gave actual ballots to: The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The Palm Beach Post, The St. Petersburg Times, The Wall Street Journals The Orlando Sentinel and The Sun-Sentinel for analysis.

In 2021 Democrats are fighting tooth and nail against every effort to audit any part of the 2020 election. It has gotten to the point an Arizona judge had to explain to the Democrat's lawyers the reason for ballots not being destroyed for 24 months was to allow audits. 

So in 2001 it's ballots for the media but in 2021 giving them to to the State Senate of Arizona is a bridge too far?

Here is what was reported twenty years ago:

The Miami Herald and USA Today reported in Wednesday's papers that Mr. Bush would have expanded his 537-vote margin of victory to 1,665 votes if the recount ordered by the Florida Supreme Court had gone ahead under the most inclusive standards, where even partial punches and dimples were counted as votes.

The results bucked the expectations of both the Democratic and Republican teams during the Florida recount contest, finding that the more inclusive standards sought by Mr. Gore would have helped Mr. Bush. And the strictest standard sought by Republicans -- that only clean ballot punches be counted -- would have given Mr. Gore victory by three votes. Both newspapers said that was too close to withstand the possibility of errors.

"Many Americans were asking the question, What would the result be if the Florida Supreme Court's order to conduct hand recounts in all 67 counties were carried out?'' Martin Baron, the Herald's executive editor, said today. ''We felt it was our responsibility to answer questions that so many people had.''

The review of 61,195 undervotes did not examine the approximately 110,000 overvotes in the election. Both papers are planning a separate analysis of the overvote next month.

Gore supporters were quick to interpret the newspaper findings today as evidence that the vice president should have won Florida's 25 electoral votes and thus the presidency.

Doug Hattaway, Mr. Gore's national campaign spokesman and now a Democratic consultant in Boston, said: ''What this shows is that if you count the voter's intent, Gore wins. If you look for excuses not to count votes, Bush does better.''

A White House spokesman, Ken Lisaius, countered that the 537-vote victory was the correct tally.

''The law of the land are those rules that were in place on Election Day,'' Mr. Lisaius said. ''Using that standard, President Bush won on Election Day''

In 2001 newspapers were given ballots to physically review but audits in 2021 are only being allowed after long drawn-out legal battles should blow your mind. It blows mine!

Judge Robert Rosenberg looking at Chads

Note:  The audit in Georgia... County officials will NOT let auditors touch the actual ballots. The solution was a 200 DPI scan of the audits. A judge ruled that was not good enough and ordered the ballots rescanned at 600 DPI. My question... Isn't it obvious the actual ballots should be turned over for review. I seriously doubt the laws, rules, guidance, etc... on audits was written so recently to incorporate the possibility of scanning millions of ballots. Why isn't this itself not a story?

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Social Class and Family Structure

BLM is finally being seen for what it is... A loosely coordinated group that is collecting millions of dollars with no transparency as to where that money is being spent. My gut tells me the leadership of BLM are scammers at best who clearly don't have the best interests of Black lives at heart.

No doubt BLM is a great slogan that few disagree with but it's wrapped around a movement that is anti American, anti family, anti capitalism, anti tolerant, anti police and anti white. This organization systemically ignores the facts. Blacks should not fear the police, they should fear other blacks with handguns.

The odds of an unarmed black man being killed by police is significantly less than getting hit by lightning. In the United States lightning kills an average of 49 people each year and hundreds more are injured. If an unarmed black man is five times more likely to get hit by lightning than killed by a cop what about an unarmed black man who is cooperating with the police?

Every year fewer than a dozen unarmed black men are killed by the police. I don't know the percentage of these who were not resisting arrest but all indicators indicate it's one or two. Even when tragic mistakes are made, such as shooting a gun verses a taser, the victim is nearly always resisting arrest. Bottom line cops are not pulling over Blacks and killing them... PERIOD.

The cold blooded killing of Black men is part of our nations history but I can't find a single example of this in 21st century America. The last lynching in America is usually stated as March 21, 1981 but in fact that was a racially motivated murder by two members of the KKK. According to the Tuskegee Institute a lynching requires the participation of three or more. The last lynching recorded 66 years ago by the Tuskegee Institute was that of Emmet Till in 1955.

The April 3rd, 2021 "Economist" states that a recent  English study determined "race is less important than social class and family structure in explaining inequality." This research into what most of use know as common sense immediately brought the predictable US Media backlash. Since when is the truth controversial?

If Leftists keep pushing false narratives it's only a matter of time before the truth wins out. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. The truth is hiding in plain sight. Crime is a huge systemic problem in many major cities and only then in specific areas within those cities. Study after study indicates if resources are focused on those specific areas within cities crime can be significantly reduced.

Without law an order there is no hope for economic success. Without economic success there is no hope for change. Without change there is no hope that America's economically disadvantaged groups will become self sufficient. One little known truth that is completely ignored by everyone is that crime actually doesn't pay for the vast majority of those who participate in it. When you add in the potential for incarceration, injury or death there is no doubt crime is a loosing proposition.

The rule of law, laws being enforced, laws being enforced fairly and equally... These are the fundamental building blocks of any society. Tear these away and the results are obvious and dramatic. American doesn't need BLM dividing us into groups an fostering fear and hatred. No one should be assumed guilty of anything based on their skin color. America needs cops to police the very worst areas of our inner cities. The thin blue line is real and it's what makes everything possible in this wonderful experiment that is American.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Masks Off... Not So Fast

On May 13th, the CDC, out of the blue, announced that if you have been fully vaccinated you don't have to wear a mask. The CDC continues to ignore the millions of people who have already had Covid-19 and do not need a shot. I absolutely think they should toss in if you have had the virus but heck that's just me... Someone who actually follows the science. 

People who have had the virus and gotten sick should not be getting vaccinated with an emergency use only vaccine. Furthermore, vaccines typically don't kill hundreds as this vaccine clearly has.

Why haven't we heard more about these deaths? 

The narrative that the vaccines side effects and deaths are overstated, just isn't true. The media saying the governments vaccine website is self-reporting and thus unreliable isn't true either. Spend thirty minutes on the VAERS website and you will quickly understand this data can in no way be easily dismissed. 

For example, knowingly filing a false VAERS report is a violation of Federal law (18 U.S. Code § 1001) and is punishable by fine and imprisonment. I know this because it's emphatically stated by the website every time you hit the next key to enter more data. 

Furthermore, healthcare providers are required by law to report to VAERS any adverse event listed in the VAERS "Table of Reportable Events Following Vaccination." 

Follow the media narrative one would have to believe people are risking imprisonment to falsify adverse Covid-19 vaccine reactions and or medical professionals are risking their licences to make false reports. Neither one of these narratives make any sense. Just the effort to complete the online form, coupled with the multiple warnings if fines an imprisonment tells me the mainstream media is lying.

***** Please don't mistake my concern with vaccinating those who have already been sick, are pregnant, are under 30 or are currently feeble as anti vaccination. I'm pro vaccination when the benefits outweigh the risks. I don't know why everyone collectively seemingly has forgotten this vaccine had emergency use only authorization. *****

So, now that our premiere government health agency, who's mission is "To promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability" has spoken, how will we as a nation respond? Will the vaccinated stop wearing masks 

Do you think "Karen's" will?

Do you think the large "blue" cities will?

Do you think the Speaker of the House will?

No, No and thus far No.

Me? I never thought any government had the right to mandate masks especially outdoors where it made absolutely no sense whatsoever at any time. Furthermore, essentially quarantining the healthy with lock downs was something beyond the scope of our form of government but that didn't even stop blue mayors in red states.

Should government provide information, data and recommendations to the population?


Government telling telling businesses to follow new health guidelines? 

You betcha. 

Telling the healthy to stay home? 

What? No!

Creating snitch lines, arresting a mom with excessive force for not wearing a mask while out side practicing social distancing watching her kid play football, hindering the free movement between states? Are you freaking kidding me.

During this pandemic the government sent mixed messages and overstepped it's authority. Be it putting up road blocks at state boarders, shutting down church services while encouraging BLM protests to renewing 30 day emergency orders for 14 months. 

The 15 day nation wide shut down to slow the spread will go down in history as one of the biggest lies in history. Treating the entire nation as one homogeneous locality was beyond dumb.

It would take almost a year for the virus to spread into the heartland of America. By the time the virus made it to the interior the heartland no longer had the patience to continue the mitigation tactics even though it was their turn to experience the pandemic. How many more lives could have been saved had the lockdown been applied as needed, if at all, versus the entire nation all at once?

Maine's Governor is not going to change our masking rules until Monday the 24th. Why wait 11 days? What is wrong with our elected officials? How stupid do you have to be to run for office? I've come to the conclusion that democrat leaders think they are smart but aren't while republicans leaders know they are stupid and quietly surrounded themselves with smart people.

Governor Janet Mills hasn't listened to anyone outside her own advisors thus far so why start now? She has not meet with either party for over a year. She cracked down when it wasn't needed and let up when cracking down was needed. When Maine actually started to have spread she was forced to lift some mitigation rules. She hasn't come close to following the science and Maine has missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to expose "Vacationland" to thousands of new people fleeing population centers throughout New England and New York.

Clearly our Governor and her administration are claiming victory over Covid-19. It's so sad to point out that only a few places in the state actually followed her edicts. Her impact was essentially limited to Maine's handful of cities and what she could enforce statewide such as the beyond stupid closures of our beaches, parks and other state run agencies. Now all proven to be the opposite of best practice. Being outside in the sun was pretty much the only proven way to beat this virus.

CDC finally admitted their biggest lie that outside spread was "less than 10%" when in fact they absolutely knew it was one thousand times less and likely we'll below .1% for over a year. My guess it's much lower than .1% outside in the sun and that one lie kept millions of people inside and fearful... Which wasn't healthy.

How many people died because of that lie?

Last but not least... They are pushing vaccinations for kids now. Joe Biden himself is urging children 12 and older be vaccinated.


This is still an experimental use only vaccine. We should not be experimenting with our youth.

Lastly, our Governor is lifting the Facemask and social distancing statewide mandate Monday but still requiring kids in school to continue to wear masks for the rest of the year. 

Why? The science science has been clear for over a year that kids aren't at risk of death from this virus. More Maine teens gave committed suicide than died of Covid-19. Covid-19 is less deadly to children than the common flu. As of May 25th no Mainer under 20 has died of Covid-19 and only 23 have been hospitalized as stated by Maine's CDC Communcations Director, Robert Long on May 25, 2021. 

Kids in general aren't getting sick and even though the state says it happens, it's clear they don't spread it at school as much as some assume. Couple this with Maine's teachers being among the very first to get vaccinated and you just have to wonder why we aren't back to normal with our public schools?

Watching kids practice outside sports wearing masks is just sad. Just last week I saw a group of local college kids walking on the sidewalk on a warm sunny day wearing masks. This makes absolutely no sense! I'm fearful that our future generations will not be thinking for themselves.

Note: The requirement to wear masks in airports and aboard aircraft continues... Which also continues to muddle the federal government's guidance. Either the vaccination and natural immunity work or they don't... You can't have it both ways.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Google's Suppression of News Will Continue

Google is the world's largest search engine but is it the Ministry of Truth?

Follow the science... We all know someone who got Covid-19 and got very sick, came close to death or maybe even died. We all know people who got sick, got over it and are fine. I bet there are just as many people who got it and never knew they had it. No doubt the virus was serious, but still it turned out to have a death rate a few times more lethal than the flu, NOT a dozen, a hundred or a thousand times my lethal.

Furthermore, it turns out it was virtually impossible to spread outdoors and the government knew this over a year ago. For the most part, Trump rallies, BLM protests and the Sturgis motorcycle rally proved this to us normal thinking Americans. Anyone following the science understood you didn't need a mask while taking rover out for his morning dump.

By my estimate 80 percent of those dying were over the age of 75 and (REPEAT... AND) had at least one serious comorbidity. The typical death stuck down unhealthy 80 year-olds. Clearly Covid-19 was bad but wasn't the Spanish Flu. Furthermore, it's becoming more and more obvious our medical "experts" not only got it wrong in so many different ways they, like all government institutions, have become politicized to a degree that their ability to following the science is nearly impossible.

I'm sorry to say getting back to normal is not going to happen for millions of Americans. Nothing we can do or say will allow some of us to get back to normal. Why? Because so many of us were not "normal" to begin with and there is nothing new can do to help the neurotic. The real sad fact is many of those very same people are the "elite" and many are part of the "ruling" class.

By the end of March 20th, 2020 it was so obvious to me, and many others, this wasn't going to kill millions I donated all but two of my N-100 masks to medical professionals and elderly friends. Don't think I'm virtue signaling. I tried to sell them on eBay but eBay banned the selling of masks, even at cost. Thus depriving the country of yet another effective way of getting a critical resource to where it was needed most. That was a huge signal to me that eBay is gone socialist as well.

So many things have been exposed by the pandemic... I hope we learn something and the thousands of lives cut short or tragically lost are not totally in vain.

Note: For more insight to how the National Institute of Health (NIH) became the bastion of Dr.. Anthony Fauci look up "The Yellow Berets".