Saturday, April 3, 2021

NASA - Don't Mess with Texas... I Mean Tidal Gauges

I was looking at pictures on my phone and I found these very cool sea level graphs. Years ago, frustrated at climate change and how temperature data was being massaged, normalized, etc... I was looking for something to help me understand what was going with climate change and global warming. I wanted numbers that were much harder to "fudge" or "tweak" than temperatures.

Essentially, I needed data that was harder to "normalize". Specifically I wanted to focus on what C02 was doing to the climate as it increased from 300 PPM to 400 PPM over the last 60 years.

Note: CO2 only really got into the game starting in 1950's. Before then the amount of CO2 added was insignificant which is really debatable. So warming before the 1950's is natural but additional warming after the 1950's is fair to associate with the 33% increase in CO2 thanks to us humans.

Drum roll... My proxy for rising temperature... Sea level rise. Which, by the way happens to be truly consistent over the centuries thus at least this scientist has conclude the Earth is warming but CO2 is not the driving force as we have been lead to believe by a handful of scientific zelots who proclaim there's a 97% scientific consensus as if that's even a thing. In the history of science consensus has never been awarded the role of arbitrator of truth or the Nobel Prize.

One could reasonably argue that CO2 caused warming is just being delayed or dampened by the mass of the oceans and the warming "signal" will just take time to show up in the data. That's possible as the oceans are a huge reservoir... But are they? 

How much water really is in the oceans?

Have you seen the world's oceans gathered up in a ball? It makes you realize water likely did come from comets and there really isn't that much if it when you actually see it graphically.

If you think CO2 is being buffered/trapped by the oceans or the heat itself is being dampened by the oceans then why the warming now? Is it possible to believe in both warming, CO2 buffering and ocean temperature response dampening? 

Bottom line... Overall climatic warming and the actual melting of land ice clearly isn't up for debate as the ocean levels have been rising consistently for approximately 450 years.

One good thing about politics these days... It makes talking about climate change much more palatable. Clearly, the climate alarmists have taken a back seat to those screaming the United States is a systemically racist country and we must refund the police. Who would have thought this is where mass media would bring us in 2021?

Below are tidal charts from around the world picked by me with no agenda:

PS Really look at the pics... I wonder if you will see what I saw in one of them. Hint -Earthquake?

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

2020 Presidential Election Voter Turnout was an Astounding 74.08%


158,380,304 / 213,799,467 = 74.08% voter turnout!

There were 158,380,304 votes cast (plus or minus a few thousand) for President in 2020.

Biden 81,268,564

Trump 74,216,603

Third Parties 2,898,137 

There were 213,799,467 registered voters on or about November 3rd, 2020.

There is a reason why millions of American's think that something wasn't right with the 2020 election. For example although widely reported in Wisconsin most Americans don't know that the state of Wisconsin was ONE vote away from having their Presidential election results tossed. However, I haven't heard a peep about the voter turnout being over 70%.

Besides BIG TECH doing their thing (Read the Time Magazine article), the bulk of Media being all in for Biden, Pfizer waiting until after the election to announce the had a vaccine that was 95% effective, etc... Something just doesn't feel right. The media hasn't spent anytime reporting on the record breaking voter turn out... Why? Maybe registering 60,000,000 new voters in two years wasn't really possible? 

The Justice Department spent almost three years investigating Russian collusion and we should take 22 months (the time balloting material is required to be kept) and conduct an investigation into voter irregularities. I'm calling for a bipartisan blue ribbon investigation to look into all aspects of potential voter fraud if for nothing else to show the world and 74 million Trump voters the election was close and Joe Biden won fair and square.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

What Do We Really Know About the Capital Riot?

The biggest fear for months prior to the Capital riot was the possibility Trump wasn't going to leave office. He's been gone for weeks and the Capital remains barricaded behind ten foot metal fences topped with razor wire. Why?

Over 74,000,000 million people voted for Trump. Millions of those and others who didn't vote for him would like a bipartisan investigation into voting issues and voting rules being changed, some at the last minute, by officials other than legislative bodies. Why isn't there a single elected democrat that wants to look into this? Nearly every talking head says it's settled. That 60+ court cases have been heard and dismissed. 

If anything the riot at the Capital shows that many Americans believe it's not settled and until something is done to prove the results were on the up and up the distrust of their government and elected officials will likely grow. Using something other than Google try to determine how many 2020 voting cases were actually presented in court and which courts ruled on actual evidence. Nearly all the cases were dismissed for one reason or another not related to the evidence. It's over for Trump but this is not over for millions of American's who still have questions.

The impeachment of the President is overseen by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and requires a sitting President. Chief Justice Roberts correctly interpreted the Constitution and stated that he would not sit through the impeachment trial this February. It's this simple, the Chief Justice justice of the United States is the one and only person who can preside over the impeachment of a President and he is inexcusably absent.

Ponder this:

What if there really was clear, irrefutable evidence that thousands of votes, enough to make a difference, were manipulated. That the contract postal worker who said he drove tens of thousands of votes from New York to Pennsylvanian wasn't lying? Would it make a difference? What is supposed to happen? Do you really think that Pennsylvanian would not certified their vote regardless? I firmly believe there is no way to do anything on a large scale once the vote is counted.

For example, Justice Alito instructed the State of Pennsylvania to set aside all ballots received after election day.  The judge wanted this done just in case those votes were ruled to be cast illegally. Pennsylvania officials just blew him off and processed all votes, even those that were ordered sequestered. What was the repercussion? Absolutely nothing... The train had already left the station. 

So now we impeached a man who is no longer the President who incited an insurrection to overthrow the government of the United States - Patriotically and peacefully of course. Don't get me wrong, I'm so sad that five people died at the Capital but are those dead people any more dead than the 30+ who died over the summer? 

Was the damage to the Capital so much greater than the estimated billion plus in damages across the country last summer? Is breaking out a window in the Capital building, busting up a bench, rummaged through Nancy Pelosi's desk worse than burning thousands of businesses? Destroying two police precincts? Trying to burn down Federal buildings while occupied?

Do we know what killed Officer Brian D. Sicknick? (FYI it wasn't blunt force trauma as reported)

Do we know who shot Ashli Babbitt in the neck? (FYI, it wasn't a cop)

Do we know who the shooter was even working for? (A Senator possibly)

Do we know how many weapons were confiscated post riot? (Zero!)

Do we know who planted the pipe bombs?

Do we know what killed the other three protesters? (trampled, heart attack, stroke)

Do we know why the capital still has a ten foot metal fence around it?

Do we know why 6,000 national guard troops are still in DC?

Do we know why the police were caught off guard by the riot?

Do we know why no one took the FBI riot warnings seriously?

Do we know why Parlor is still shut down?

Do we know if any Antifa and BLM members participated? (Yes but how many)

Should 74 million American's just ignore a gut feeling that something wasn't right with the election? Why not conduct an official investigation into what happened in the handful of states that some believe had irregularities and various claims of voter fraud?

What about those thousands of American's who swore out affidavits testifying they saw something? What about the Atlanta State Farm Arena security video showing Miss Ruby and her daughter removing ballots from under a table to be counted in early morning hours while no one was watching? More recently we witnessed votes being counted behind barriers during the Georgia Senate run off a full month after courts had ruled that wasn't acceptable. 

The Democrats investigated alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election for almost three years with many, to this day, still saying it was rigged by the Russians. No doubt Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump was an illegitimate not withstanding the $40 million dollar investigation that says otherwise. Don't get me started on the Washington Post and New York Times reporters wining the Pulitzer prize for their deeply sourced reporting about Russian collusion that we now know didn't happen. 

If nothing else this shame of an impeachment and the Democrats refusal to even consider any investigation into the 2020 Presidential election as legitimate will ripple through history.  The Washington Post is correct "Democracy Dies in Darkness" which is ironic because I can't think of another paper casting a greater shadow to hide truth than my once favorite news paper the Washington Post. 

Monday, December 7, 2020

Covid-19 in New York... It's Over?

If you look at the number of cases and number of deaths (December 7th New York, John Hopkins) in New York it's obvious that deaths are not aligned with cases anymore. What's going on here? The same thing is happening in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Covid-19 hit many states hard last Spring and now those states are not experiencing a death rate that justifies more lock downs as cases spike. 

As a nation we could prevent nearly 5,800 cars being hit by trains each year if we ONLY invested in improved railroad crossings and built more bridges. But the cost of this would be too massive to justify the expenditure so it would seem that doing everything to save lives does have a limit. Just like the cost of shutting down businesses in New York has a limit. It's very possible that large cities reliant on mass transit will take years to recover long after the memory of Covid fades.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

When it Rains Democrats Don't Vote...

For years the Republican narrative was bad weather on election day was good for the party. Clearly bad weather keeping Democrats from the polls has gone the way of CD's (seems that vinyl records are "cool" again). Mail in voting solves so many problems for the Democrats and I'm not suggesting that it makes it easier to carry out voter fraud which of course it does.

A little research into the Detroit election present and past show that Biden didn't out perform Obama. Furthermore, Obama only got a little over 50% of the registered vote which I thought was really odd. Maybe the old GOP joke that Republicans have to win by 2-3 points to overcome voter fraud isn't based on truth. However, one can't dismiss all the Democrats that have served time in prison or are currently serving time for voter fraud which doesn't fit the medias narrative that voter fraud doesn't exist.

So if you had to really guess what happened in 2020 I think the best answer is the Dems spent their time and resources on a massive get out the mail vote effort. They kept Joe Biden away from the microphone as much as possible and behind closed doors did what they needed to do to bank votes early and often.

Clearly the result was many dead people, those who recently moved and the occasional voter finding out they had already voted. This happened to me once when my EX wife voted and they checked me off as having already voted. This is not voter fraud as far as the Dems are concerned... This might just be, in some areas, business as usual

Normally this type of "extra voting" doesn't turn elections but just like baseball teams who stole signs during the world series, it can have an impact. Think about that... In front of millions teams find ways to cheat. Thinking voter fraud doesn't exist is childish.

Case in point. Minnesota reported a voter turn out over 91%. Before you blow the Viking horn and say way to go Minnesota, please note I'm a Minnesotan and I'm not happy. Not only is a 91% voter turn out statistical impossible, it's a sign of blatant voter fraud and massive voter harvesting. My guess is the Dems were really worried of losing Minnesota and pulled out all the stops to make sure that wasn't going to happen and seriously overachieved... Go Vikings!

Update: The Minnesota turn out number of 91.32% is absolutely false. Other sources are showing 79.9% turn out. I need to go to and figure this out. By the way any turn out above 80% is a huge red flag of a rigged election. So awesome that Minnesota is 1/10 of a percentage point below the red flag percentage. Hummmmm

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Re-Thinking COVID-19 Mask Policy

Multiple large scale, randomized and blind studies indicate cloth masks, including surgical masks, don't prevent you from getting COVID-19 or any other respiratory virus. Matter of fact, many doctors including famously the US Surgeon General and Dr. Anthony Fauci have explained that masks may be counter productive. That said, on April 3rd, 2020 Dr. Fouci nails US policy on masks (starting at 3:50) which outlines the basic thought about masks that stand to this day. Cloth masks don't protect you but they reduce your ability to spread the virus. Bottom line, according to the "science" if you can't maintain social distancing wear a mask.

So here is the sore spot...

According the the CDC surviving COVID-19 earns you immunity for three months. As of yesterday 11,279,800 Americans have had the virus and yet the media hasn't mentioned they are immune. They are still wearing masks and going about life as if they could infect someone or get infected again and die. Even President Trump said he "might" be immune just weeks after his recovery. This is NUTS. Of course the President was immune and so is everyone who has recovered from COVID-19. 

How many stories have you read about people getting COVID-19 again after recovery? The first reinfection in the United States was reported on October 12th. A young Nevada man had a touch of the bug in April and later got it again. Study of his case showed that he caught two distinct strains of the virus. Clearly the media is looking for examples of reinfection. Why? Because it's bad. It's scary and it's very rare... Think shark attack... Thus it's BIG NEWS.

Until such time you read STORY after STORY of people getting COVID-19 again you can safely conclude you can't get it again (yes there will always be outliers... shark attacks) for at least 7 months and counting. 

Why 7 months? 

April 14th with 3,778 deaths appears to be the United States COVID-19 peak and until hundreds of those infected in April pop positive again you can rest assured they are still immune.

People are waiting for the vaccine which looks like it will be 90 to 95 percent effective in order to return to normal life whereas recovering from COVID-19 seems to be 100% effective for seven months or more. Ponder that and lets all follow Dr. Fauci's advice with a twist. Masks should be worn by those without immunity or vaccination when you can't maintain six feet separation.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Lycoming Engine Cold Weather Pre-Heat

Being from Minnesota I've done my fair share of really cold, snow crunching (think below zero) winter flying and I've learned that preheating your engine makes life much easier.

It's that time of year again and many pilots will consider using preheat when the temp drops below freezing... This has always seemed odd to me so I did a little research.

Turns out some Lycoming models do need preheat below 20 degrees but for the vast majority of Lycoming engines the critical outside temp that requires preheat is 10 degrees not 32 degrees. My vote is we only preheat when temps are below 20 degrees.

In my research I came across a few good points to remember during your cold weather preflight and I've included the link if you're interested in brushing up on Lycoming cold weather ops.

"If flight is planned for bad weather, the preflight inspection should include observation of the relief opening in the engine breather tube  so that any freezing of moisture at the end of the breather will not result in a loss of engine oil. 

Once on board the aircraft, check the fuel-selector valve for freedom of movement. It may be frozen fast (this has happened), and you’d better find out while still on the ground.

Most of the time, we think of starting any engine as a very simple process. Just engage the starter, and listen for the engine to start purring. Unfortunately, when the weather turns cold, it is not always that simple. When dealing with a reciprocating aircraft engine, it may be essential to get a start on the first try in order to avoid icing over the spark plugs and making an immediate start impossible. In order to achieve a start on the first try, there are a number of factors to be considered. Those factors will be discussed in the following paragraphs."

Just tossing this out to the universe.

PS Did you know a fully charged battery will not freeze until -76 degrees Fahrenheit but a fully discharged battery will become a block of ice at 32 degrees?

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Fake News - Trump Wins?

It was 1983 and my high school yearbook was being finished. My best friend was our class president and valedictorian (later graduated top Engineer of his class at Notre Dame) but for some reason the yearbook committee goofed and listed me as class president. For the record I wasn't my class president I was student body president and worked with the entire student council.

So clearly anyone researching my life would concluded my bio was wrong and that I had exaggerated my past. Let me be clear (drink) I really had fun being involved with my high school and class and we did some pretty neat things. Being asked to address my graduating class as Student Body President (I wasn't my class president) was one of the highlights of my life... A highlight that few of my classmates even remember which is something that humbles me to this day.

Today Americans by the millions will wait in line to vote even after roughly 90,000,000 Americans have already voted. I support our absentee voting system but massive early voting is not what our founding fathers wanted.

Let me be clear (drink) I absolutely believe and have placed bets that Trump will win and more importantly drive the nail in the coffin of our fake news society. If Trump wins how can anyone again believe polls or the press?

The press emphatically argues the following states are in play:

Arizona, Texas, Iowa, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio and Northern Maine. What happens when Trump wins all of these States? What if most are not even close?

The close states will be Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. During this election cycle my ultimate BS meter will peg out if Trump actually wins Minnesota or Nevada.

So if Trump looses I'm going to scratch my head and wish Biden all my best. If he wins I'm going to brace for days, if not weeks of unrest and another four years of fake news. So let me be clear (drink) no matter what happens today Trump looses and so do we... Thank you fake news!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Voter Suppression is Real...

In 2018 Stacy Abrams lost her bid to become Georgia's Govenor by roughy 55,000 votes with the largest black turnout in the states history. The results, while close were not contested and yet this election is used as a prime example of voter suppression?

How can any rational person conclude the Georgia Govenors race was stolen via voter suppresssion? I have a theory. When the Left accuses conservatives of doing something in reality they are the ones doing exactly what they accuse.

This is a well-known psychological phenomenon known as projection. "Projection refers to unconsciously taking unwanted emotions or traits you don't like about yourself and attributing them to someone else. A common example is a cheating spouse who suspects their partner is being unfaithful."

I rarely do this but I'm going to toss out something I can't prove other than with common sense. As of late, all polls show Joe Biden with an ever growing lead over President Trump. It looks really bad or good depending on which side of the fence you sit. Now ask yourself have polls been wrong in the past?

Of course they have. That's a big duh. Now ask yourself when was the last time they were wrong in favor of Republicans?

It's likely the last wrong poll that favored the Republicans was Dewey's loss to Eisenhower. So what do polls have to do with voter suppression?

Polls impact fundraising. Low polling numbers equal fewer dollars, voter enthusiasm, etc... High polling numbers helps rally supporters of candidates who may not deserve support.

Push polls have been used to manipulate elections for decades and in many cases they are part of the dirty politics that both sides use.

So the next time you see poll data remember to ask yourself when was the last time the polls got a national election wrong in favor of the Republicans? Go Dewey!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Black Lives Matter (BLM)

The BLM website and their stated goals didn't make sense when I wrote this but it's clear their mission is not about saving black lives. If it was, then handguns and black on black shootings would be the focus.

SRA (Stop Resisting Arrest) is what we should be teaching all of our children. This is what we should drill into our young black men if we really cared about blacks dying at the hands of police. Statistically cops killing blacks is not an issue while resisting arrest absolutely is the problem and even then the narrative that white cops are killing black men is just not correct. Not even a little bit correct.

In a country of 330,000,000 million the number of black men killed by white cops, while NOT resisting arrest is as close to zero as you can statistically get. Don't believe me? The data is available. The reality is most cops never "pull" their weapon let alone discharge it and cops don't get into their "shop" and go look for trouble.

Before you march. Before your pick up a brick and toss it at a plate glass window. Before you loot neighborhood businesses. Before you set them on fire. Before you toss a Molotov cocktail at a police cruiser or worse... Before you pull down the statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Col. Hans Christian Heg, etc, etc... Spend 30 minutes looking up the data.

Making excuses for bad actors, those high on drugs, drunk, hoodlums that feel they must resist arrest or saying blacks have a reason to fear the men and women in blue is literally killing our fellow Americans of all colors but mostly the efforts to save black lives ends up getting more black men arrested, injured and killed. It's so predictable that it's sad.

Cops rarely kill anyone. The chance of being killed while cooperating with the police is as close to zero as you can get in a country as large as the United States. Take a moment to Google and read this PDF: "Department of Justice use of force by police overview of national and local data"

PS If you happen to get beat up by the police and you were not resisting arrest there is a good chance you could sue and win a lot of cash for you and your family but it's really hard to sue if the cop's body camera shows you beating their ass.