Wednesday, March 10, 2021

2020 Presidential Election Voter Turnout was an Astounding 74.08%


158,380,304 / 213,799,467 = 74.08% voter turnout!

There were 158,380,304 votes cast (plus or minus a few thousand) votes cast for President in 2020.

Biden 81,268,564

Trump 74,216,603

Third Parties 2,898,137 

On or about November 3rd, 2020 there were 213,799,467 registered voters which was 60 million more registered voters than the 2018 midterms.

Registered Voters in America

2020 - 213,799,000

2018 - 153,070,000 

2016 - 157,600,000

2014 - 142,170,000

This unprecedented two year increase in registered voters might be why millions of American's think that something wasn't right with the 2020 election. 

Furthermore, most Americans don't know the state of Wisconsin was ONE vote away from having their Presidential election results tossed.

Besides BIG TECH doing their thing (Read the Time Magazine article), the bulk of Media being all in for Biden, Hunter Biden's laptop, suckers and losers, Pfizer waiting just days after the election to announce their 95% effective vaccine, etc... Something just doesn't feel right. Why hasn't the media spent anytime reporting on the record breaking voter turn out? It's a huge story for democracy! Maybe registering 60,000,000 new voters in two years wasn't really possible? 

The Justice Department spent almost three years investigating Russian collusion but we should ignore thousands of written complaints about voter irregularities. I'm calling for a bipartisan blue ribbon investigation to look into all aspects of potential voter fraud if for nothing else to show the world and 74 million Trump voters the election was close and Joe Biden won fair and square.

* District of Columbia votes missing.